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Sunday, April 10, 2011

My bike seat is out to kill me. Or at the very least maim me.

I've moved!!
NEW BLOG ADDRESS HERE:  runaroundsara.blogspot.com

Oh My God. Payback is a bitch. Never again will I keep score with my bike seat again. Except for now. Bike seat 1, Sara -1.
When people warn you that the first ride of the season will result in a sore butt, they are lying. My butt is fine. I have enough padding on it for an Iron Man race. It’s the lady parts that are hurting. I think I have chafing in places no one should ever have chafing. I haven't checked, nor do I plan to. I don’t want to know. I feel like my bike seat made an arrangement with my future children and have now made it easier for them to escape at the end of their term. Only, of course, if I am able to have children after today’s bike ride.
I didn't have just a bike ride planned, no that would be too easy. I also had plans for a morning trampoline dodge ball event, as well as an interval run training session this evening. I’m quite glad I doubted my ability last night when I decided that, not only would I probably not make it back from Rhode Island in time, but after biking at least 14 miles, my legs might be too tired for interval running. I was right. The legs are tired, but in a good way. The lady parts, bad.
Today's bike trail was the Blackstone River Bikeway in Rhode Island. Apparently this bikeway also extends all the way up to Worcester, it's just not completely off road the entire way. I might check it out sometime. Maybe. Probably not. We biked from Lincoln to Woonsocket. Although the competed trail for that section is 10 miles, we started part way up and biked 7 miles to the end of the trail, and back. We had the option to bike the remaining 3 miles the other way, if we wanted to. I waved the white flag and headed into Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin' Robbins instead, like any normal person would.
I met a lot of great people today, who I will see again next week for another bike trail ride. It was nice to be surrounded by people of varying levels who all just want to have fun riding. Lately, my mentality has been so focused on training and how to train better that I've been missing out on the fun aspect. I've also been psyching myself out. I needed today to settle myself down and just enjoy the ride.
Next week is the East Bay Bike Path, a mere 14.5 miles. One way.
Someone on the ride today had a split seat on their bike. When someone commented on it by saying "Oh, you have a split seat, that must be really comfortable", I thought, "Split seat? I have splits all up in MY seat". I felt every bump on the car ride home.
This is obviously a "before" picture.

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