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Sunday, April 17, 2011

First stop: sprint triathlon. After that: a half marathon??

I've moved!!
NEW BLOG ADDRESS HERE:  runaroundsara.blogspot.com

My best friend, Emily, recently said to me "I do not find the need to run unless something is chasing me that has to potential to kill me." I normally don't run unless something is chasing me either, in fact I think the last time I ran, I was being chased by a dog when I was in elementary school. Apparently he didn't want me cutting across his lawn as a shortcut on the way home from school. But unfortunately, it's part of this horrific triathlon I signed up for. And the duathlon isn't much better, it's running and biking, then MORE running. Seriously? Where’s the swimming and biking only race? Isn't that a duathlon too? I'd like to hop on board that train.
Here's where it gets weird: Yesterday two of my friends ambushed me on twitter with the premise of doing the Disney Half marathon next February. My first thought? "I can't take a vacation to Florida in February and March!" March is my Red Sox Spring Training month. I can't miss that. I can't. Don't give me excuses, or a way out, I'll rephrase it for you, I won't.
My second thought was "I'm only doing a 5K as part of this sprint triathlon in September. That’s only 3.1 miles of running. A half marathon is 13.1. miles. That extra 10 miles to run with only 5 months of training, is highly daunting." And now that I reminisce about yesterday and my thoughts, it means training during the winter. I hate winter. I try not to go outside if possible. This is not looking good.
Yesterday was a great day though, although cold, and I frown upon that. My co-worker, and great friend, Alyson and I headed down to Rhode Island to bike along the Easy Bay bike path. It was very flat and a very easy path. It was nice for a leisurely ride without any purpose of training. But, man, was it cold.

Before we rode, we went into a store to use the bathroom and I was on the lookout for the Runner's World magazine. See, even though I don't like to run, I'm constantly reading articles online, flipping through magazines and reading blogs by other runners to get ideas on how to become a runner, or advice for my poor form, or to find to why they do it and how far they've come. If they can do it, why can't I? I seem to spend more time researching running than actually running. Works for me.
I found one lone copy of Runner's World and decided it must be fate. While normally this running business wouldn't interest me, I've become obsessed lately. Probably because I can't do it and I have an obsessive compulsive need to fix that. This issue of Runner’s World has a SPECIAL BEGINNER’S GUIDE. See?

I most definitely need a special beginner's guide. Because I’m sure it's different from the 47 other beginner's guides I've read. I haven't read this one yet, but I have started looking through the magazine. That's when I found this:

And I thought "Oh, how cool, I want to do that". WHAT?? Who am I? And why am I having these thoughts. Reminder: I can't run.
So, I Googled the Disney Princess Half Marathon for 2012. It’s Feb 24-26, and it will probably take me that long to complete it. They key about that though; it's over a weekend in February. I can still take my week-long March vacation. Score. And then I Googled "Half Marathon Training Schedules". Dammit.
Well girls, I guess that made my decision for me about the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I'm in.


  1. Wooooo hoo!!! :) guess that means I need to commit too.

    I laughed at your comment about needing all three days to complete it. lol

    I'll have to Google a training schedule, too.

    Imagine if you start training for it now, the 5k in your sprint triathlon will be super easy!

  2. Yup, it's time to man up. (although, we do have until July 5th to back out!!!)

    Here's a training schedule I found: http://running.about.com/od/racetraining/a/basichalf.htm

    And as I googled "half marathon training schedule" about 500 others popped up. Well, this should be fun, eh?

  3. And by the way, the term "super easy" should not ever be used in connection with any running event. Ever.

  4. Sucked in. The pa gentry of the races - it just gets to you...and before you know it, you're signed up for the race, getting up disgustingly early on Saturday mornings for your long runs, spending Saturday afternoons in an ice bath, followed by foam rolling and a long nap...and honestly? Marveling that you are not only doing all of that, but enjoying it as well. I'm so excited for you - if you have any training questions, feel free to email me. Maybe you can find a running club in your area to train for it?

  5. "pageantry" - not Pa Gentry. Wasn't that a movie? Ma and Pa Gentry to to the city? ;)

  6. The problem with running clubs is most of the runners in those clubs are actual runners, and would be way more fast paced than I am. But It is a good idea...what are the chances I'd find a slooooooow runners club? probably slim to none. Maybe I should start one!! *lightbulb*

    And foam rolling? I've seen them, but how exactly do you USE them? It looks like a 2 person job and....awkward!

  7. Way to throw my fat, non-running ass under the bus... You forgot, however, that I reiterated it must actually be able to take my life. Like a grizzly bear. I'll take on a dog, goat, rabbit....although now that Easter is upon us, I think the rabbits are headed the other way. Mmmmm. Easter, all that foooooooood. Where was I.....?

  8. Oh, and sentences 2 and 3 in that link up there deterred me from joining you. :)

  9. I'm nowhere near there yet either. But I'm starting with a 5K schedule and by the time I finish that, I'll be able to start working on the half marathon. Maybe.

    Try the couch to 5K. It's not as scary as it looks. At least, not until week 3. :)

  10. hello!
    it took a bit of searching but i found your blog! :)
    it was great meeting you today. chatting with you during the last part of the race was a gem - that last mile flew by!
    best of luck on your future endeavors - i cannot wait to read all about them! :)